Saturday, April 7, 2007

Trainee in Jackson Hole

as a trainee living alone in a such strange beautiful land of Jackson Hole, Wyoming expect that lessons day come after will come in more than overwhelming. It's a new life where in you enter as a vulnerable fighter, naive, innocent and ignorant but courageous towards the challenges that'll rage.

Rising myself an hour and a half early before my shift, excited with the exhausting lessons that I've yet to learn; the basics that I've acquainted myself all through-out my life back in manila has served well to my advantage. Preparing breakfast, folding the mattress after rolling and snoring soundly from bed, tidy up for a brand new day's work shift - every step i strive uphill and downhill on the mountain street of Spring Creek Ranch walking my way to Amangani; millions of thoughts would always swish and mash; bombarding me with much psychobabbles and condescending debates from the right side of my brain against the left; wondering and wandering consistently.

How did I get here? Am I really living reality or still within the quarters of my snoore?

Slowly as I travel around the boundaries of the hotel, as much as my curiosity has been bombarding my emotions left and right; fueling up my empty cup to the real world wants a part of me cry with much delight. This journey I now belong in, the sight and the fact that I am welcomed to be part of the team has been more than unbelieveable; who'd even thought that my hypothetical career plot plans back in college would materiealize more than I ever expected? it was way too much, up-sold / up-selling in terms of the hotel reservations marketing.

As I write this post in my notepad sitted on one of the most comfortable seat of the Takoda room (meeting, conference library space of Amangani) college days are much missed; I'm excited looking forward to every nanosecond for the live operations of the new system plugged in for the hotel exchange of the Dos based like Fidelio। Momentary during the break, I look through my surrounding and I began reminiscing how it used to be like back in college; its so much different now compared to those days when I used to be sitted at the back of the classroom during Front Office lectures or somewhere in the middle-front with a couple of friends whom I've established crazy friendship with laughing out loud, yack-yacking nonsense, consistently asking the professor questions as one of my tactic show faking my being attentive in class and just letting time fly by.

After the training break, focused back to our practical training for ऑपेरा; I had more notes noted down and a couple more thoughts on another page. "Well guess what, Bam Bam Bam.. one hot charlie!" its supposed to be that easy, our trainer said but as we go along, a couple of words of wisdom were engraved - practice definitely does a lot of wonder in order to succeed. Life isn't sweet during the first time although of course we still have our faith in terms of beginners luck but when serious cases jives together; it's somehow like learning how to count from 1 to 100, through repetition gradually we'd adopt and muster every number come after next even get to confidently say what comes after which when you're being challenged by random certainties.


CewTwo said...

Wow! What a blog! AND... What a place to call home!

If you are still interested in joining our VRR running group at "What's a Few Miles Between Friends?" We would love to have you!

My e-mail address is or you can leave an update on the blog at

See ya! Hope to hear from ya!

Charlie (cewtwo)

Jill said...

It takes alot of work but you will get there. good luck and hang in there.

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

There is no reward more enjoyable than that which comes as a result of hard work.. hang in there!