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Grand Fiesta Manila 2010: The Resorts World Grand Launch

NEWPORT CITY, PASAY – The long wait is over! Witness the biggest celebration of Pinoy heritage at Resorts World Manila’s grand launch, theGrand Fiesta Manila 2010. This November, the most exciting destination in Asia will hold an extravagant unveiling that will showcase the wonders of the Philippine culture and what the first integrated tourism destination in the country has to offer.

In its quest to raise the country’s profile in world-class standards, RWM’s grand launch will be a fiesta of flavors, arts, culture, and talent at its grandiose best. There’s no denying that Filipinos know how to party, and RWM is ready to show the world how Pinoys do it.

Saráp – delicious, good
Eating is an integral part of the Filipino culture, and RWM will prove itself as the place where the local cuisine will be at its most sumptuous. Gourmets will celebrate as RWM introduces its various dining destinations on its grand launch. RWM will whip up a spread of the most scrumptious Filipino viands and the most popular international cuisine prepared by the most experienced chefs local and abroad.

Sine – movie theater
RWM takes you on a ride on the most memorable moments on the Filipino silver screen. Watch the creations of famed Filipino filmmakers in the newest premium cinemas at The Newport Mall. It’s a whole new viewing experience at the Newport Cinemas, designed with stadium seating and superb views from any point in the movie house. Take the viewing experience a notch higher with the Ultra Cinema 1 which features fully reclining seats and leg rests and a call button per pod for personalized service

Likhá – create
It’s Pinoy talent on show when RWM sends down the runway the designs of favorite Filipino designers. After holding successive events such as La Flora de Mayo where more than 30 sagalas modeled ternos; Broadway on the Runway which saw the best of Broadway as interpreted by Filipino designers, and more; RWM is ready to take Filipino creativity to greater heights at its grand launch!

Tanghál at Kantá – place where the show is exhibited and to sing
There’s no denying that talent for the stage runs strong in Pinoy blood and RWM will showcase this on a magnificent scale at its Newport Performing Arts Theater. This 1,500-seat theater is the metro’s biggest stage for musicals, events, performances, and more. Watch out what will take centerstage on RWM’s big day which can only be magical and memorable.

One of its magnificent productions is KAOS – a timeless tale of love and magic that will surely take one’s breath away.

Sayá – happy, cheerful, memory
Respected Filipino painters and artists will put their talents on display at RWM. This is in line with RWM’s aim to highlight Filipino talent and culture by holding exhibits featuring renowned artists.

Watch out for more information on Grand Fiesta Manila 2010 on the days to come. RWM is preparing a lavish celebration fitting of the rich Filipino heritage. For more information on Resorts World Manila, call the Tour Counter (632)836-6333 or visit


Resorts World Manila (RWM) is the first integrated tourist destination in the Philippines. Conveniently located across Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3, RWM is an instant gateway to Philippine hospitality in world-class standards. This lifestyle hub is home to three international lodging brands: Maxims Hotel, the first six-star all-suite hotel in the country; Marriott Hotel Manila, a five-star brand known all over the world; and Remington Hotel, slated to open in the third quarter of 2011, will offer amenities at an affordable price.

Also home to RWM is The Newport Mall that features luxury retail brands from all over the world. Experience a unique viewing experience at The Newport Cinemas with its stadium seating and state-of-the-art cinema projectors. Watch plays and performances at a grand scale at The Newport Performing Arts Theater, the metro’s newest venue for the hottest events.

Find the biggest gaming facility at RWM, and amp the excitement by becoming a cardholder! Membership at RWM is free and provides an instant pass to discount, freebies, and exclusive invites to RWM events.

Join the fun at RWM’s grand launch! This November, RWM will hold a memorable and extravagant unveiling that will prove itself as the most exciting destination in Asia.

Resorts World Manila— the place to PLAY.

Discover the beauty and grandeur of KAOS

NEWPORT CITY, Pasay - In a medieval kingdom, a lonely prince peers into a magical mirror and falls in love with a beautiful maiden from the future. As the past and the future converge, the two discover a love that transcends time, prevailing over a scheming adviser and numerous obstacles.

This at a glimpse is the story of KAOS, a visual and musical spectacle unlike anything the country has ever seen.

A convergence of world class talent

Set to be Resorts World Manila's first exclusive production, KAOS was conceptualized with international audiences in mind. The story, a timeless tale of love, is an engaging experience for the whole family. But what truly sets it apart is the combination of internationally acclaimed acts that it weaves seamlessly together in one show.

Kaos will feature celebrated stage thespians in the leading roles. Livewire singer and theatre actor Gian Magdangal will play the valiant prince, half-Pinay Canadian Idol standout Martha Joy will take on the part of the heroine, while versatile veteran performer Joel Trinidad will don the role of the scheming Adviser.

The three will lead a strong cast sure to captivate audiences with their performances of original songs specially created for the show, with no less than the Manila Symphony Orchestra providing the musical score.

Central to the story is none other than the title character, Kaos, who happens to be a real and rare white lion.

Kaos is part of the menagerie of world-renowned animal performers specially trained by Spanish master illusionist Enrique Polo, who will be part of the show along with his other lions and tigers.

Breathtaking acrobats from China and the Power Duo, a world renowned act from Belarus, will test the limits of physical endurance with their riveting performances.

Stunt motorcyclist from Spain will defy gravity in the astounding Cycle of Life, while the Human Time Machine performers from South America will showcase superb balance and synchronization.

Hip Hop dance champions Philippine All Stars will energize the show with their winning moves.

Behind KAOS is a world class production team. Andrew Botha from South Africa designed the magnificent set pieces, while seasoned costume designer Liudmila Karpinka brought to life elaborate and beautifully detailed medieval and futuristic costumes for the story. Veterans of various Star Cruises productions, Khmelnytsky Oleksandr and Donchanka Nataliya collaborated on the amazing choreography.

Resorts World Manila's Colin Kerr leads the show as Executive Producer, with Sviatlana Burkun as Production Manager.

Only at Newport Performing Arts Theater

Audiences will be able to catch KAOS up to eight times weekly at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. The 1,500-seat theater boasts of the largest LED wall ever built in the Philippines, as well as state-of-the-art lights and sounds technology. This ultra-modern performance venue is part of Resorts World Manila, an integrated leisure destination where guests can shop, dine, play and enjoy excellent live entertainment daily.

This spectacular production of love and magic is only one of the many surprises to be unveiled in time for Resorts World Manila's grand launch.

KAOS is not just a show; it is an experience everyone will enjoy again and again. And it's coming this December 2010, only at Resorts World Manila.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Discovery: A child's first step

For every child, they think their parents know all the answers to their questions. Why does she have to sleep and wake up early? How do you prepare breakfast? Why do leaves fall from the trees? Their inquiries go on.

Learning through observation is the first step in discovery. “There’s science behind everything we see and do” said Multi-awarded educator Dr. Josette Talamera Biyo

Take the kids to your garden and observe the ants walk in line following a leader on a trail. Where are the ants going? See the worm, when it burrows underground, how come they make it easier for roots of plants and trees to dig deeper into the soil for water?

You can introduce science concepts indoors and outdoors, the challenge is how you’d be able to encourage your child observe the surroundings; these new information connects to her knowledge and enriches her understanding. As you prepare their meal, narrate as you demonstrate how you fry an egg, mix flour and its other ingredients for pancakes; teach them how to pour milk in a glass and define what is half-filled to a full glass, what adding ice cubes can do to warm milk. Through experiential learning, they grasp answers on how things are made of.

Kids are amazed by all these little things made together with their parents.

In doing chores, sit down with your child and enlist what needs to be done. As you two move along, the way she observe how you do it, how it must be done, the process on having hands-on learning enhances your child on the art of efficiency.

What can you do to pieces of old rag quilts and cloths? A little project together, transform what seems to be pieces of trash into useful containers, bag or bed comforters; the process of gathering materials, cutting each piece according to the desired pattern (shapes), stitching to sewing, and learning techniques binds you and your child to a joint effort creating a by-product. What a way to teach your child to recycle items at home, too!

All kids need the knowledge and skills that make up what we call “science literacy” – the ability to make sense of the world around them. Parents who can see the world through her child’s eyes make a great companion in discovering. Share the enthusiasm when your child finds something fascinating, even if it’s a piece of twig.

By helping kids learn how to observe, collect evidence, and draw conclusions, science helps your child sharpen their thinking about the ideas and events they encounter in everyday life. Having to understand how it’s a part of our daily lives can give children a great foundation.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you’re probably enjoying the benefits that result from a scientist’s work, which includes what you and your child experience every day. Possibilities are endless!

Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center

Get those wondering and wandering eyes ready for an educational tour around the scientific world of nature and technology. Buckle your seatbelt as you travel to outer space while staying indoors; see other planets and galaxies in

a 15-meter dome Planetarium. Be dazzled in a full interactive, real-time 3D planetarium with all dome video playback, complete with star field and astronomical capabilities; your jaw would drop as the digital surround sound for total visual pleasure would immerse you in the images and sounds that defines learning fun in a different level.

Located at the Southside Entertainment hall of SM Mall of Asia you’ll be able to find NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center waiting to be explored. A modern oval reception and the Digital Planetarium welcome you right in the middle of the center, for a ticket price of Php 330 you’re about to experience a one of a kind theme park you’d want to visit over and over again.

Be Sure to allot chunks of time once you’re [at NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center] there” says 27 years-old walk-in visitor.

Wandering starts upon seeing parents and children taking huge leaps of steps with thug on the Bug Rug, the 3D Snibbe interactiveMadagascar Forest floor” where crawling crickets, lady bugs and insects must be stepped on meanwhile a small LCD Screen is flashing about Entomology.

Types and milestones in photography development, historical facts about cameras used from all these years and trivial facts posted on the walls are found at the Image Port together with the Creative Park exhibit booths which consists of 3D paper art displays.

Beside is the family tied Smart Media Center where Gesture Trek is found; be astounded by groups of families hanging on to this area swaying their hands and exerting their entire body movement detected by a green wall as they play drums, feel the beach volleyball or guarding the goal during a football game.

Numerous LCD Screens and keyboards are interactively filled with educating videos and games such as Spongebob Diner Dash and hanging trivia which parents can share their children and children can tell their parents about: Did you know that Wall-E means “Waste Allcoation Loaded Life after Earth Class? And Miley Cyrus’ nickname was baptized from her dad because she loves to smile when she was still a baby?

Frank Hilario, Educator and writer says “The [NIDO FORTIFIED] Science Discovery Center challenges the child we have, and the child in all of us. “

A little further, be caught stunned at the 106 years old vintage car 1904 Rochard Brasier Roadstar which was used by our late President Manuel L Quezon parked at the Transportation Nation, have the “License to Fly” at the Flight Simulator using two (2) control sticks and get to tour inside the engines that will run “tomorrow’s vehicles” aiming an emphasized eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuel.

At the Grossology Gallery, learning about the human body is being showcased in a thoroughly fun and wacky interactive display. The Burp station, Barf Barf game and the Urine test to name a few plus other sensory activities showcased.

On the second floor, dive into a digital tour of the Philippine Coral reefs in a virtual reef. Have a conversation with Mr. T the virtual fish friend who has stories to share about his marine adventures and will motivate you to take part in saving our seas.

Every time we go there, my son never tires of checking out the exhibits and playing in several of his favorite galleries. Bring the whole family and enjoy a one-of-a-kind-experience. I’d bet your kids would ask to come back there again and again as my own kids do “ says Ruth Manimtim- Floresca, Freelance writer

Get even more excited as you pose and have your photo taken inside a life-size displays of famous TV and movie characters like the Terminator, r2d2, and Astroboy at the Robot Hall of fame; stand on a metal platform that imitates a real earthquake at the Earthquake Simulators and send email messages with your photo four years into the future using a touch computer screen at the Time capsule and get to play at the coolest kind of RC game where four people can take control of each robot of a big square glass case at the Robot Tanks.

“Personally suggest you finish all the exhibits before you go for the most captivating part of the entire educational adventure and wear a jacket” says Butch, father of 4 children.

The 160 seat, 180 degrees, 15 meter 3d/4D Digistar planetarium which is considered to be one of the best in the Southeast Asia screens 4 kinds of documentaries 30-40 minutes each day. Unknowingly you’ll be caught with your flitting eyes as each visual swerve around the dome. Something you wouldn’t want to miss, something which would make you and your family want for more. You can enjoy Stars of Pharaohs, Dark Star, Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Wonders, and Passport to the Universe, Cosmic Collisions more with popcorn!

Treat your child to only the best educational theme park at SM Mall of Asia – NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center. It’s a different world in there, and it’s all yours for viewing. If nothing else, it does put the fun in learning, and that’s priceless. Take it from a Teacher” added by Frank Hilario, Educator and Writer.

The NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center is a member of the Association of Science Technology Centers Incorporated (ASTC), the international association of science center and museums that promotes understanding and appreciation of science. Founded in 1973, ASTC now has more than 540 members in 40 countries.

For more information about NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center and ticket reservations, call 556 2153 or for group bookings inquiries please call 556 -0331.

Experiential Learning

Enrolling a child in school is not just about ABC’s and numbers; extra co-curricular activities such as art classes, workshops and sports are beneficial to a child’s development giving them the active and involving process of explorations – just like play.

In a classroom setup, kids experience memorizing facts, learn techniques to solve problems, spoon fed trying to understand class lectures, assignments and tasks to get answers and test problems without ever being exposed to the big ideas why.

“Children investigate everyday phenomena and discover new things in contrast to information handed down by teachers in a traditional classroom. Young children need a lot of action, not a lot of facts” said Child Psychologist Professor Dr. Lillian Leynes –Juadiong, Ph.d of the Department of Family Life and Child Development of the University of the Philippines College of Home Economics

Parents’ role is to present the opportunities that model their child’s attitudes- curious, questioning and willing to explore and solve problems. For a child, learning how to find answers is considered more important than the answers themselves, the investigation process gives children a joyful risk-taking approach to learning.

Experiential learning is letting children do things by themselves, unlike conventional training – learning through textbooks; it gives them the chance to reflect on their intellectual, emotional and physical involvement which develops personal insights and understanding. Children may start with any of the five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sounds.

Science is about the big ideas, the experience on discovering and knowing hands-on. “Scientific inquiry opportunities occur in planned or spontaneous activities, we can guide children’s’ curiosity and help turn a pleasant experience into one that has a deeper learning potential” Dr. Juadiong,Ph.D added.

When parents allow kids to hear about how a flower blooms, describing the colors surrounding them and the origin of how things are made, the craft and the origin of consciousness becomes so exciting. And that’s often not what they feel after each class.

As the cliché goes – Experience is the best teacher. The restless and self-questioning scientific mode of thought is a virtue.

When children get excited about what’s surrounding them, they realize they’ve got the power to think, digest and skeleton pair what they found out. They’ve gain to gauge that they’ve got the power to criticize, to ask questions, to not simply accept that it’s beyond their purview. It’s not only the ideas and the content, but the mode of thinking that ultimately comes across when they’re exposed to science in the way they get to in activities.

Since children are natural scientists and parents are often the child’s first teacher, let these inexpensive experiential activities get your Child exploring.

You may find activities through this helpful link: