Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center

Get those wondering and wandering eyes ready for an educational tour around the scientific world of nature and technology. Buckle your seatbelt as you travel to outer space while staying indoors; see other planets and galaxies in

a 15-meter dome Planetarium. Be dazzled in a full interactive, real-time 3D planetarium with all dome video playback, complete with star field and astronomical capabilities; your jaw would drop as the digital surround sound for total visual pleasure would immerse you in the images and sounds that defines learning fun in a different level.

Located at the Southside Entertainment hall of SM Mall of Asia you’ll be able to find NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center waiting to be explored. A modern oval reception and the Digital Planetarium welcome you right in the middle of the center, for a ticket price of Php 330 you’re about to experience a one of a kind theme park you’d want to visit over and over again.

Be Sure to allot chunks of time once you’re [at NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center] there” says 27 years-old walk-in visitor.

Wandering starts upon seeing parents and children taking huge leaps of steps with thug on the Bug Rug, the 3D Snibbe interactiveMadagascar Forest floor” where crawling crickets, lady bugs and insects must be stepped on meanwhile a small LCD Screen is flashing about Entomology.

Types and milestones in photography development, historical facts about cameras used from all these years and trivial facts posted on the walls are found at the Image Port together with the Creative Park exhibit booths which consists of 3D paper art displays.

Beside is the family tied Smart Media Center where Gesture Trek is found; be astounded by groups of families hanging on to this area swaying their hands and exerting their entire body movement detected by a green wall as they play drums, feel the beach volleyball or guarding the goal during a football game.

Numerous LCD Screens and keyboards are interactively filled with educating videos and games such as Spongebob Diner Dash and hanging trivia which parents can share their children and children can tell their parents about: Did you know that Wall-E means “Waste Allcoation Loaded Life after Earth Class? And Miley Cyrus’ nickname was baptized from her dad because she loves to smile when she was still a baby?

Frank Hilario, Educator and writer says “The [NIDO FORTIFIED] Science Discovery Center challenges the child we have, and the child in all of us. “

A little further, be caught stunned at the 106 years old vintage car 1904 Rochard Brasier Roadstar which was used by our late President Manuel L Quezon parked at the Transportation Nation, have the “License to Fly” at the Flight Simulator using two (2) control sticks and get to tour inside the engines that will run “tomorrow’s vehicles” aiming an emphasized eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuel.

At the Grossology Gallery, learning about the human body is being showcased in a thoroughly fun and wacky interactive display. The Burp station, Barf Barf game and the Urine test to name a few plus other sensory activities showcased.

On the second floor, dive into a digital tour of the Philippine Coral reefs in a virtual reef. Have a conversation with Mr. T the virtual fish friend who has stories to share about his marine adventures and will motivate you to take part in saving our seas.

Every time we go there, my son never tires of checking out the exhibits and playing in several of his favorite galleries. Bring the whole family and enjoy a one-of-a-kind-experience. I’d bet your kids would ask to come back there again and again as my own kids do “ says Ruth Manimtim- Floresca, Freelance writer

Get even more excited as you pose and have your photo taken inside a life-size displays of famous TV and movie characters like the Terminator, r2d2, and Astroboy at the Robot Hall of fame; stand on a metal platform that imitates a real earthquake at the Earthquake Simulators and send email messages with your photo four years into the future using a touch computer screen at the Time capsule and get to play at the coolest kind of RC game where four people can take control of each robot of a big square glass case at the Robot Tanks.

“Personally suggest you finish all the exhibits before you go for the most captivating part of the entire educational adventure and wear a jacket” says Butch, father of 4 children.

The 160 seat, 180 degrees, 15 meter 3d/4D Digistar planetarium which is considered to be one of the best in the Southeast Asia screens 4 kinds of documentaries 30-40 minutes each day. Unknowingly you’ll be caught with your flitting eyes as each visual swerve around the dome. Something you wouldn’t want to miss, something which would make you and your family want for more. You can enjoy Stars of Pharaohs, Dark Star, Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Wonders, and Passport to the Universe, Cosmic Collisions more with popcorn!

Treat your child to only the best educational theme park at SM Mall of Asia – NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center. It’s a different world in there, and it’s all yours for viewing. If nothing else, it does put the fun in learning, and that’s priceless. Take it from a Teacher” added by Frank Hilario, Educator and Writer.

The NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center is a member of the Association of Science Technology Centers Incorporated (ASTC), the international association of science center and museums that promotes understanding and appreciation of science. Founded in 1973, ASTC now has more than 540 members in 40 countries.

For more information about NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center and ticket reservations, call 556 2153 or for group bookings inquiries please call 556 -0331.

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